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Introduction to PAU’s Global Program
PAU’s Online Master’s degree program in Counseling offers students a systematic distance learning curriculum that has been carefully designed to meet the highest international standards for counselling education to provide breadth and depth of knowledge to practice counseling in an ethical, competent way. Online courses are taught by primarily U.S. based Palo Alto University faculty. Online students in China are provided an opportunity to apply what they learn to the Chinese context. Courses are generally taken on a part-time basis to permit students to both work and study. The program culminates with 700 clock hours of field experience at carefully selected clinics where PAU students can receive an international quality of clinical training and supervision that includes modeling and demonstration of clinical skills, discussion of video- or audio-recorded clinical work.

Palo Alto University’s M.A. Counseling program prepares students to serve their communities as licensed mental health professionals. This master's in counseling degree can expand career options or retool a career in a profession that makes a difference to the community. The M.A. Counseling program became CACREP accredited in January 2017.

This program offers a Master of Arts in Counseling with two areas of emphasis, both preparing students to pursue licensure:
Clinical Mental Health emphasis (CACREP accredited)
Family and Chid emphasis (CACREP accredited)

What makes Palo Alto University’s Online Master’s Degree Program in Counseling unique?
There are other U.S. universities currently recruiting students from China for their psychology programs, but most of them require students to go to the U.S. to study and obtain their practical clinical training. Many students who go abroad may not return to China, which does not of course help to improve the level of counseling practice in China. In addition, the few who do return may experience difficulty applying what they learned in very different American clinical settings to China.
PAU’s Online Master’s degree program in Counseling provides a unique solution to these problems.
1. It includes U.S. quality courses that are taught online by experienced American professors.
All PAU online courses and some of the supervision sessions are presented via Zoom video conference. Zoom uses HD video conferencing and screen-sharing to provide rich, interactive communication for up to 25 people at a time. It offers mobile-screen sharing, document annotation, session recording, and works across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.



Teaching and learning at PAU is enhanced through use of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), which hosts the course materials online in a distance learning.
Students will need to use Canvas to have course discussions, communicate with classmates and professors, submit assignments,  check grades, etc.


2. Our program also features clinical training conducted in world-class quality practicum sites in China, with an opportunity to meet the challenges of counseling clients in China while still under clinical supervision. For example, at our practicum site in Shanghai Mental Health Center, PAU students learn to implement state-of-the-art, empirically supported treatments for depression and anxiety based on protocols from the U.S. but adapted in a flexible way for Chinese clients. Students who graduate from PAU’s M.A. degree program in Counseling should therefore be well-prepared to hit the ground running to meet mental health needs in China and to contribute in a significant way to the improvement of counseling in China.

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